Juice DeTox: Day 10+1

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Feelings and Thoughts

o I’m going to continue posting for awhile until I feel like there’s nothing new to tell.  For the record, the actual detox ended on Day 5, with Days 6-10 being the reintroduction of food.  Days 10+ will consist of the aftermath of everything so that anyone considering doing the detox can have some baseline to compare to.

I’ve been sticking to the juice for breakfast and after my (before dinner) and feel pretty great.


Resources and Tips

Tip of the day:




  • DeTox: Nothing new here.
  • Lose body fat (a plus but not required): I’ve officially kept the 3 lbs off and have decreased my body fat by about 1.5%.  I also lost 3/4″ off my waist.
  • Start the new year more disciplined: Going good.
  • Get over this constant fatigue: Still tired.  Apparently it takes several weeks to recover from adrenal fatigue, which is a longer journey than a short detox.
  • Learn good habits: Yea, they’re coming.
  • Sleep 8.5 hours: I slept 8:40 hours last night and want to sleep mooooooore!



Supplementation is continuing for the next month to allow my thyroid, adrenal glands, liver and kidneys to recover.


Today’s menu:

  1. 8 AM: Breakfast: juice
  2. 10 AM: Mid-morning: DeTox Tea
  3. 12 PM: Lunch: food (lean steak and potatoes with green beans)
  4. 2PM: Mid-afternoon: DeTox Tea
  5. 4PM: Late-afternoon: protein shake
  6. 5PM: Pre-workout: protein bar
  7. 6PM: Post-workout: juice
  8. 8PM: Dinner: food (steak and a salad)


Today’s recipe is the same as yesterday’s but with the addition of butternut squash and an apple, and the removal of the romaine lettuce.

The apple makes a world of difference in the drinkability of the juice, and the squash gave it some texture but not much taste (which was great).  I only used about 4oz of squash.  I removed the romaine lettuce because it just adds gross vegetable water to the juice and not much else, so I’ll stick to eating it.


I kicked the crap out of the elliptical last night.  Burned 498 calories in 33 minutes!

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